Prima Modular Perching Stool

The Prima Modular Perching Stool has been designed to be attractive and practical, having applications throughout the home; tasks such as washing up, ironing or showering. The tilt design has a front which is 5cm lower than the back, reducing the effort required to sit and stand. As a result, household tasks can be completed easier and with more comfort. Modular design makes this stool versatile and minimises storage space. This stool has been designed with height adjusting legs and cranked feet allowing the ferrule to have full contact with the floor. The comfortable steel seat cleans with ease. The Prima Modular Perching Stool system is available with a pair of arms and steel back rest, giving the option of a basic perching stool, a stool with arms or one with arms and back. This product can be designed to suit your needs and give the Prima Modular Perching Stool the versatility to be used throughout the home.


Prima Modular Perching Stool Details

Ultralite 480

Easy to transport, the 480 can be dismantled in seconds; no cables to worry about, just quick-release locks, convenient lifting handles and lightweight manageable components