Deluxe Horseshoe Shower Seat With Legs - Extra Wide

This seat features a horseshoe shaped aperture to make intimate hygiene easier. A comfortable back support which is angled 10 from vertical for additional support and comfort. The fold up arms are manufactured with steel inner frames and an outer body of soft feel polyurethane foam which will not absorb water even if cut or damaged. The arms have a level upper surface with moulded hand grips giving comfort and security. For additional user comfort of the seat, minor adjustment screws provide each arm with -/+ 5 of adjustment either side of the horizontal. This adjustment should be made at the time of installation of the seat. As with all the Advanced Shower Seats, the framework and legs are made from rust proof stainless steel. The seat is suitable for users up to 40 stone (253kg) in weight and the seat height can be set from 390 to 640mm.


Deluxe Horseshoe Shower Seat With Legs - Extra Wide Details

Ultralite 480

Easy to transport, the 480 can be dismantled in seconds; no cables to worry about, just quick-release locks, convenient lifting handles and lightweight manageable components