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NEW! Vecta Sport 8Mph

The new Vecta Sport is an ultra-modern, compact yet powerful road scooter.

This new scooter uses the best of modern design in a very compact overall package with a host of new features that combine to make a scooter that not only looks great, but performs even better.

Please Read Our Detailed Guide Below On This Amazing Revolutionary Product.



Sharp shape and rock-solid build quality make this a modern classic.

Welcome to the Vecta Sport, a revolutionary new scooter that combines new edge design with the latest technology to make a scooter that looks good and performs even better.

The result of three years’ development, the Vecta Sport is built to perform with a host of user-friendly features,
like the 25-stone carrying capacity, the “RunOn”™ run-flat tyres and revolutionary “Max Grip”™ transmission, to keep you going when other scooters cannot.

Wherever you are, with a range of up to 27 miles, there is nothing to stop you.

Born to run and run and run.

The Vecta Sport has performance and substance. The 600W new technology motor gives you a range up to 27 miles, perfect for those long days out visiting friends, family or exploring the countryside.

The powerful new technology motor coupled with the latest Max Grip transmission, featuring a limited slip differential gearbox, ensures that the Vecta Sport keeps going where most scooters would struggle.

And in the event of a flat? You just keep going. The Vecta Sport offers the ultimate in piece of mind motoring with its RunOn tyres ensuring you get home safely, even if you get a puncture.


Comfort at its best.
Add to that lumbar support, a highly-padded seat and moving armrests for easy access, you will always travel in total comfort.

The Vecta Sport is completely versatile.

The seat has many different positions, moving forwards and backwards, up and down, and the tiller is also adjustable, tilting towards and away from the rider to further enhance the ergonomics and your sense of safety

Charging your device one the go.

The waterproof USB power output ensures that the users mobile phone is always charged, or alternatively provides the power for a GPS unit for the adventurous.


Ultralite 480

Easy to transport, the 480 can be dismantled in seconds; no cables to worry about, just quick-release locks, convenient lifting handles and lightweight manageable components


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Vecta Sport 8Mph Mobility Scooter Brochure

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Vecta Sport 8Mph Detailed Specifications Sheet

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